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August 12, 2013


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:iconmisterrabbitplz: :bulletblack:STORYLINE :bulletblack: CHARACTER CREATION :bulletblack: RULES :bulletblack: F.A.Q :bulletblack: HOW TO JOIN :bulletblack:  :iconmisterwolfplz:



:bulletred: Plot/ Area's (Places To Roleplay/events/quest's) :bulletred:

The main area in the story is the school house, abandoned like every other building in the town. One half of the school is safe territory for the 'Rabbits' while the other side is said to be inhabited by wolves. Your character can wake up outside or inside the school building. Maybe even with someone else.
Many 'Rabbits' will find their weapon in and around this area.

Other area's that are available to enter is the city centre where you will have to retrieve food and supplies for survival. Food/water is supplied every day in a small amount, apparently left by Mister Wolf. . .

There's also the abandoned hospital, Park, Subway/underground, etc

:bulletred:  Mister Wolf :bulletred:

Mister Wolf is the mysterious Game Master. The reason he created the game is unknown. He seems unbothered that his game involves  bringing innocent humans into danger. He is unstable mentally and is sometimes interested by some of the 'Rabbits'. It is rare to get a visit by Mister Wolf but it can happen, don't stay outside on your own for too long. . . Its better to stay in a group. Unless of course you want to meet him. Apparently he hides out in the abandoned Hospital. Although no one has gone up there. . . Yet.

He is also the one that sends the wolves to hunt the rabbits.

:bulletred:  Weapons :bulletred:

Weapon are important in the game as their will be various times your character will need to protect themselves.

If after a while you have been keeping active, participating in events and such, you can change or Upgrade your weapon to something better. adding other weapons on/ etc.

:bulletred:  Enemies :bulletred:

Your character will have to protect themselves from various things, first off :

- Mister Wolf
Will visit random characters in order to deceive them into safety by convincing them to attack others. Or he may just appear out of boredom to attack your character.

- Wolves
Mister Wolf controls a pack of wolves that for some reason only take his orders. He sends them to hunt the 'Rabbits' for fun. These wolves are fairly easy to defeat, and normally attack in pairs.
Are normally found on the bad side of the school and in the park.

- Shadow Wolves
These wolves have fur coats of pitch black and prowl the hospital. Although these fight on their own. They are much larger than normal wolves. Should not be approached if your character is alone, they would NOT stand a chance.

- Other characters
There may be an incident in which characters will have to fight each other.

(( More Enemies will be added as we progress ))

:bulletred:  Base/ Leaders :bulletred:

As stated above the safest place for the 'Rabbits' to stay is on the safe side of the school building, which is controlled by leaders. They have been in the game longer than anyone else and have made a safety fort of such. It is highly recommended to take shelter in the base. It is a large area with plenty of room to hold a number of people. There is a stock of food and water, and sleeping area's.  

:bulletred: Recruited Wolves :bulletred:
The 'wolves' are people recruited by Mister Wolf to play in the game, their role is to be the Rabbits enemies, Either by lying or by using force, they should not be easily trusted as they can fake trust.
The ONLY way to be recruited as a wolf requires an action that rarely happens. These people are also sent requests to play the game. BUT  the night before being taken to the game. They tried to kill themselves.
Resulting in coming face to face with Mister Wolf who offers them a second chance.
So each wolf has almost died, most don't care about dying only the fact they they get to play.

We can't have too many so there is limited spots.

If you would like to know anymore information please don't be afraid to ask anything~
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Akane-chan-danna Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student Artist
I'm thinking of doing an app but I'm really new to these kind of groups so I have questions~ uvu

First of all; You mentioned chat room in rules/faq/something eklse I don't remeber. Is that chat room for rp or general chatting?
Will everyone rp there or do members rp with other members?
What kind of events can there be? And has there been some yet? uvu
Paanda-Tan Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Apparently he hides out in the abandoned Hospital. Although no one has gone up there. . . Yet."

//looks at Yukio and laughs// He totally didnt go up there and got tortured ahahaha//:iconpapmingplz:
MisterUrufu Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student General Artist
omf-- hence the 'YET' 
But now someone has HAHA PFTT- //LAUGHCHOKE

I hope he enjoyed his time there. Mister Wolf tried to make him feel welcome after all- :iconmingpfftplz:
Paanda-Tan Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes the "Yet" :iconpapmingplz:
Hahas ssssh--//SHOT
I guess he enjoyed himself there, I mean there were special attention given right-- :iconminghideplz:
MisterUrufu Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student General Artist
LOOOL Poor Yukio bby hasn't had enough torture lately I think- :iconsexybrowsplz: //Hinthint//SHOT

I'm so glad he did. Although next time I'll make sure He cleans his room before Yukio comes over-- //cHOKE  
Paanda-Tan Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOLOL omg I agree I belive he isnt tortured enough- :iconzoominplz:
Ah that sounds great, I'll make sure Yukio brings some gifts before he enters the room. Some meat maybe-- //SHOT
MisterUrufu Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm so glad you agree with me ohhohohohohoh-- :iconureshiiplz:
I'm sure Mister Wolf would really appreciate that omfg they're gonna be best friends forever~ //sHOTSHOT
Paanda-Tan Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
whenI comes to torture I treat me children well hahahaha--:iconuhuhuhuplz: imsuchabadparent
Yes I'm sure he'll appreciate that-- Yes yes omg best of friends!- 
After I teach Yukio how to be nice to people you might not like //STARES DOWN AT YUKIO
pancakeo Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
okay this seems really NEAT!! and Mister Wolf isn't actually a wolf furry of some sort right?
Does anyone know if Mister wolf is a man or a woman or maybe he's someone among us?? im very interested in Mister Wolf and also in this group.
MisterUrufu Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Student General Artist
amamg thanks!~~
And no he isn't LOL
If you check the gallery Mister Wolf has his own app~~ >3<
Although there may be traitors among the Rabbits very soon~~
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